Đèn pin FOURSEVENS - Preon 1 / P1 Black Flashlight Finish Cool White LED G2 (Màu đen - 1 pin AAA - 84 lumens)


Operating your Preon 1 is simple. Make sure its batteries are inserted with the positive side (+) toward the head. Ensure the tailcap is tightened. To turn the Preon on tighten the bezel (the head of the light) fully down. The Preon will turn on when the bezel is fully tightened and turn off when the bezel is loosened. To select a different level of constant output turn the Preon off and then on again within 1 second. This will select the next level of constant output in the following sequence: Low -> Medium -> High. If the Preon is turned off for 2 seconds or longer it will revert back to Low. The Preon has 4 special output modes: Strobe / S.O.S. / Beacon (Hi) / Beacon (Lo). To access these modes quickly switch through two full 'cycles' of the regular outputs starting with Low. These two full cycles must be completed within 3 seconds: Low -> Medium -> High -> Low -> Medium -> High -> Special Outputs.